The Brain Dump: Stories from the Can – Healing Herbs


For my first edition of The Brain Dump, I want to talk about naturally grown “illegal narcotics”. It doesn’t take a whole lot of looking around to find tons of studies and stories of marijuana or magic mushrooms helping curb the symptoms of an ever growing collection of ailments from chronic pain to life long depression.  I could post links and references, but that’s not necessary and the point of this thing is to keep it short and sweet.

Now, I hate to sound like I’m going off on some sort of hippy-dippy conspiracy kick, but it really feels like something is going on when it comes to drugs and pharmaceuticals.  Hell, maybe it’s nothing, maybe it’s just that the research on weed and shrooms isn’t substantial or developed enough.

You can still have your wacky laws, I mean, possessing oxycotin is illegal without a prescription, so why not psilocybin pills to fight depression? It’s better than lithium or the other mind numbing, personality stealing narcotics on the market. I know you can get medical marijuana license if you know how to, but why does it have to be so difficult?  Is it just a bunch of conservative doctors that have some sort of moral objection to the drugs and studies, or is it pressure from big pharma? I just don’t know.

Thanks to the US, the marijuana game has certainly changed.  We (Canada) should have been on the forefront of that, but at least we can catch up before anyone notices how far behind we are. Making plants illegal has always seemed fucking dumb to me… To have been a fly on the wall during that decision. Gross.

Take away all the man made bullshit and what your left with are sick people who need help, and a plant or fungus that these people could effectively use. Sometimes it feels like a solution to this whole issue may be just around the corner, but I don’t know. Just something to think about while on the toilet.  Time to wipe. Catch you next time.


P.S… You might want to think twice before asking to use my phone.


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